Lithium Series
We provide both cylindrical and prismatic LiFePO4 cells, which can form different voltage battery packs, such as 6.4V, 12.8V, 25.6V, 48V, 51.2V, etc., can satisfy different applications, like off-grid Solar System, UPS/E...
BP Series
BP Series battery is designed for general purpose, utilizing advanced AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology, the electrolyte (diluted sulfuric acid) is absorbed by separator(AGM), safety valve design allows the excessive ...
DC Series
DC Series battery is designed for frequent cyclic use, with stronger grid and thicker plates, which enable it can withstand repeated deep discharge and charge cycles (deep cycle). Besides, BPS DC Series battery use a dif...
OPzV Series
OPzV Series battery utilizes GEL technology and tubular positive plates, it seals the chemical compounds in polyester tubes(gauntlets) in place keeping them on the battery plates’s surface, which dramatically decreases t...
About us

Shenzhen BPS Technology Co., Ltd(BPS) is an expert supplier of battery power solutions, since its establishment in 2013, BPS made all effort...     >>more

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