Company profile

Shenzhen BPS Technology Co., Ltd(BPS) is a specialist supplier of battery power solutions, since its establishment in 2013, BPS made all efforts in research and development of various VRLA and Lithium batteries for global power supply market.

Our core business philosophy is Faith and Sincerity. How to become more reliable, cost-saving, safe and environment friendly are our consistent objectives.

BPS strives to provide customers with exceptional service by offering a full delivery scheduling service, ensuring that customers are able to control the shipment situation. BPS commits to deliver prompt and excellent service that has won the full trust of our global customers.

BPS’s rapid growth has been continuously supported by our experienced and effective management and engineering team. We have been pursuing innovation to reinforce our competitiveness to maintain our crucial position in the industry. After all, innovation is the key for success.

In addition, BPS guarantees to deliver high quality products and service that exceed our customer’s expectation driven by the technology advancement in the industry. BPS is your best partner for battery power solution!

BPS offer a wide range of VRLA batteries(both AGM & GEL technology) and Lithium-ion batteries meeting the needs of growing market requirement.

BP Series: standard design for general purpose
BS Series: 2V stationary batteries
DC Series: designed for cyclic use
HR Series: designed for high current discharge
EV Series: designed Electric Vehicle
FT Series: designed for Telecom Power Cabinet
BG Series: Gel technology with flat plates
OPzV Series: Gel technology with tubular positive plate
OPzS Series: flooded battery with tubular positive plate
Lithium-ion Series: Super Long cyclic life
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